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Fairy Tail Chapter 143 by Noizy

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1 Fairy Tail Chapter 143 by Noizy on Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:40 am


Noizy Savior
Noizy Savior

First of all, from now on, if you want to visit us, type in your address bar!

Just a random release, once in a while...

Like you know, our domain has expired, so if you want to downlod the chapter, quick! Before the link expired too! XD
Raw: Heiji-Sama
Translation: cnet128
Editor: kazewa
Thanks : reinen (forgot to mention >_<)

Enough with the credit, here goes:
Download from
note: p10 will be fixed by tomorrow, since I dunno what's went wrong with it... when it's up, I'll reUP the whole chap n the single page. (You can tell from the thread's name by then)
Be sure to come back and grab the fixed page if you're downloading and keeping our release. Thx for the attention >_<




Medaka-Cha~n will be abandonded by the end of July! Only translator who willing to help can save her!!
If you're interested, go to "Recruiting (Temporary)" and create the thread to help.

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