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Medaka Box Chapter 2v2 by Noizy and Red Hawk

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1 Medaka Box Chapter 2v2 by Noizy and Red Hawk on Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:46 pm


Noizy Savior
Noizy Savior
Raw: [Ju-Ni]Vicissitude
Translation: jamegg
Proofread: Lucifel
Editor: kazewa
Thanks: takadanama, reinen


First, I made some mistakes in the previos chapter 2.
-In the thread, I wrote Heiji-sama as the raw provider, but it's actually [Ju-Ni]Vicissitude (as typed @page2 of the chapter).
I apologize (if you by any chance see this post).
-I missed 1-2 words in a line in about 2-4 lines of the script. Maybe some of you noticed it when comparing it with the translation. Stupid Me -3-

Now, for v2, I want to thank reinen for taught me how to produce better pages of this series (<--?)
Yes, this v2 has better (images) quality than v1. Thank reinen, if you're satisfied with the better quality ^-^

Attention, until this moment, there is no translation for chapter 4 yet.
We won't be able to release the 4th chapter (not to mention the 5th) until there's a public translation
Or, if you want to help with providing the translation, please contact me (here) or takadanama (RH) via PM.
The translation is up by jamegg!

Last thing, since I have problem when uploading to MF, I can't always provide MF link. My browser often not responding when uploading to MF o.0.
So when I succesfully uploaded the chapter to MF (like this one), there'll be MF. Otherwise, there's only MU link.

Download from:

MU link this time is .rar, since I've a bit of problem if I'm using .zip.
MF is .zip

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