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Medaka Box Chapter 3 by NS and RH

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1 Medaka Box Chapter 3 by NS and RH on Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:37 am


Noizy Savior
Noizy Savior
Raw: [Ju-Ni]Vicissitude
Original Cleaner: reinen
Translation: jamegg
Proofread: Lucifel
Editor: kazewa
Thanks: takadanama


Here it is, the 3rd chapter of Medaka Box.
Thanks to [Ju-Ni]Vicissitude for the raw, reinen for nice quality chapters, jamegg for the translation, Lucifel for the proofread, takadanama for asking Lucifel and 1 other request from me.
Also, thanks to anyone whom expecting and waiting for our release.

Attention, until this moment, there is no translation for chapter 4 yet.
We won't be able to release the 4th chapter (not to mention the 5th) until there's a public translation
Or, if you want to help with providing the translation, please contact me (here) or takadanama (RH) via PM.

Last thing, there will be another release (of medaka box) tomorrow! (may be I am lying ^-^)

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2 Re: Medaka Box Chapter 3 by NS and RH on Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:10 pm


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Thanks for the new chapter of Medaka Box I'm really loving this series so far keep up the great work!!

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