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Blazer Drive Chapter 004 (Last Release >_<)

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1 Blazer Drive Chapter 004 (Last Release >_<) on Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:58 pm


Noizy Savior
Noizy Savior
Wew, when I just got back from 2 months vacation and considering to retire, a surprise welcomed me first
Hmm, coz it's done anyway, here's the release (may be the real last release of Noizy)

BLAZER DRIVE 4th Chapter

Raw : Fkeidjn
Translation : Ju-da-su
Proofreader : Dearman4
Cleaner : Kazewa, Assymilum, Poetic, Taka-sama, Endless, Shahrizal
Typesetter : Kazewa

Download from

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