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Raiders Ch 01

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1 Raiders Ch 01 on Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:00 am


Noizy presents a new series! Possibly controversial >_>. Enjoy

The boy named Irel was investigating a ruin with professor Wilter Langhem and finds the blood of Jesus
inside a chrism bottle which makes you immortal if you drink it. After being chased by armed mans guarding the ruin, Irel and the Professor ride a train to London. And on the train, they get attacked by a mysterious girl who turns out to be a zombie! On the verge of his death, Irel drinks the blood of Jesus! What will happen to Irel? Read the manga to find out.

Thanks to our new Translator.

Raw: Zighart
Translation: Zighart
Editing: Zighart


If you downloaded the first version, and it seemed weird at the end, please download this version. The raw provider made a mistake with the pg numbering.

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