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Naruto 397 Spoilers

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1 Naruto 397 Spoilers on Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:27 am


Hmm... no comment for this week....


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found this on, i am not sure that this is reliable though

Chapter 397: Afterglow!

Somewhere in the forest lurks Akatsuki...

Voice 1: So what happened?
Zetsu: Sasuke won.. Itachi lost.
Voice 1 turns out to be Pain!
Pain: Did he lose or did he die?
Zetsu: Criticial conditions.. Madara can't tell yet. His breathing
stopped when we brought him back but I think he's still alive.
Pain: We'll need him to get to Naruto..


Shino: My bugs can trace the Akatsuki members!
Naruto: They'll have Sasuke, let's go!
Kakashi: (Who is that man?!)


Konan: ... Itachi?
Itachi: (eyes opening) Konan...?
Konan: You lost.
Itachi: He's gotten stronger... Akatsuki can make good use of him.
Konan: Madara wants to use him... Itachi, he surpasses you.
Itachi: I can't see that grim smile on your face, Konan. I'm blind.
Konan: Of course I have the smile, Itachi Uchiha. You failed. You lost to your little brother - Sasuke Uchiha.
(Konan proceeds out of the room)
Konan: If you want to see again, you'll have to beg when Madara comes back. Pain needs you too.
(After Konan leaves..)
Itachi: Sasuke...


Tobi: Sasuke Uchiha, I am Madara.
Sasuke: You helped slay MY clan...
Tobi: Your clan?! The Uchihas had no benefit to me. Only those with the power to change the world matter to me.
Sasuke: That flaw in you is your downfall, Madara. I can't take you
like this, but mark my words, you'll die at the hands of an Uchiha.
Tobi: What goes around comes around, friend...
(Tobi proceeds towards Sasuke)
Sasuke: ..?!
Tobi: Itachi isn't dead (laughs)... you'll die at the hands of him.
Sasuke: ..?!



No. 397 Dark Clouds

Sasuke: "The truth," you say!?

Sasuke has the sharingan in one eye only. He's sweating and breathing
hard. Madara's smirking. He's removed the mask but as usual you can
only see the left side of his face. [our left, his right, I guess]

Madara: That's right. The truth. About the brother that you hated so much you wanted to kill him.
Sasuke: Speak.
Madara: ...
Sasuke: Speak!

Sasuke is breathing hard, looks like he's going to keel over.

Madara: With insufficient chakra left don't overexert yourself. I told you, I'm not your enemy.
Sasuke: ...
Madara: I will tell you. However, there's one condition.
Sasuke: Condition?
Madara: Join me. Fall in with me. Sasuke.
Sasuke: ...!

They stare at each other in silence. Then Sasuke turns off his sharingan and looks down.

Sasuke: You are... Madara Uchiha, huh?
Madara: ...
Sasuke: I heard it from Itachi... He said there was another Uchiha still alive.
Sasuke: And that there was one more clan murder. [I didn't really
understand this, I think he's saying he's got one more clan member to
Madara: ...

Sasuke activates his sharingan again and glares at Madara. As expected it's just in one eye.

Sasuke: Disappear. Before I kill you...!!

There's a thunderclap.

Madara: Kill me, huh?....

Madara sneers.

Madara: Well, there's no helping it. I'll show you. A fragment of memory of Itachi.
Sasuke: !!!

"Dokkun!" [Sound effect - Suspense? Surprise? Not sure...]

The scene changes to Naruto.

Naruto: Damn!
Naruto: It's always like this for me...
Sakura: Naruto...
Hinata: Naruto-kun...

The panel shows a closeup of Naruto's face.

The scene changes to Kisame's location. Suigetsu and Juugo are very
disheveled/worn out. Kisame is a little disheveled. Juugo seems to be
shaking. Karin seems to just be watching. She's in a cold sweat.

Suigetsu: As expected, you're pretty strong, huh. I want it more and more, that sword of yours.
Kisame: You've become strong, Suigetsu. You're stronger than Mangetsu. Heh heh.
Suigetsu: !!

Juugo jumps at Kisame.
Juugo: Aaaagh! (His left arm is going Level 2)

"Zuzun!" [It's some kind of sound effect]

Kisame evades him effortlessly.

Juugo: Kill! I'll kill you!
Suigetsu: My, my...
Kisame: Heh heh... [then something about a measuring scale that I
didn't get]... He seems like a totally different person compared to the
start. (laughs)
Karin: !!
Karin: Suigetsu!
Suigetsu: What is it? Karin...
Karin: Sasuke's chakra disappeared... and one other person's, too...!
Suigetsu and Kisame: !!
Kisame: Suigetsu... playtime's over.
Suigetsu: !
Kisame: I'll play with you some other time.
Suigetsu: Wait!
Kisame: See ya.

"Doron!" [sound effect] Kisame disappears.

Juugo: Where is heeee!!! (He looks like he's going to blow a fuse.)
Suigetsu: Juugo! Tch...!
Suigetsu: Let's pursue! Karin!!
Karin: Got it! (She does some seals and searches for Kisame.)
Karin: There he is! In that direction!
Suigetsu: ...!
Suigetsu: That direction is... !
Suigetsu: The place where Sasuke was, huh.
Suigetsu: Let's hurry. Juugo's already out of hand.. !
Karin: Got it...

Karin and Suigetsu take off.

Juugo: !!
Juugo: Waiiit!! (He goes after them.)

The scene swtiches to Sasuke.

Madara: This is as far as it goes.
Sasuke: ...
Madara: Started to feel like listening?

Sasuke is looking down. His face looks sickly again. The sharingan is gone.

Sasuke. I understand...
Sasuke. Speak...

There's a thunderclap and a closeup shot of Sasuke and the right half of Madara's face.

"Things are stirred up. At last, the truth!!!"

The End

Tobi: .... you must listen (as it is your responsibility?)

For all shinobi... for all of those in Konoha, and ultimately for his little brother, he had risked his life. Your brother Uchiha Itachi's admirable way of life!

To protect you... Sasuke

No next issue next week, to let author advance/work on story...

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Global Moderator
actually what is that? a translation or just some over view??

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Spoiler for upcoming chapter....

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Senior Noizy
what!! did itachi didnt die...... Shocked Shocked Shocked

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asik, itachi masih hidup

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WTF ??!! Itachi ??!!

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what a shock. Then the who Sasuke fpught just a mere shadow?!
What a 'Pain"

Edit: eh, wait a minute. What exactly is the 1st spoiler? I know the 2nd one is the real one

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398 blm keluar?

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398 libur... minggu depan baru ada

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