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Naruto 396 Spoilers and Discussions

Prediction for Chapter 396

Aloe vera... lol...
Shino pisses again...
Tobi and Aloe vera are heading to Sasuke...
Pein and toads...
Something about Kakashi...
Final battle, Hebi vs. Kisame...
Kisame retreats too...
Naruto and co. are following Tobi...
Sasuke has been rescued...
Scene of Konoha and Tsunade...

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1 Naruto 396 Spoilers and Discussions on Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:34 am


Chapter 395 is out... rape it here:


396 spoilers will be available later...
so... keep checking...


Chapter 396 The Gathering Darkness
Begins with Konoha Shinobi and Madara. Madara disappears while Kakashi looks on horrified.

Kakashi(Thinking):Impossible there should be no one left with the Sharingan other then Itachi and Sasuke

Yamato:Whats wrong Kakashi-sempai you look ill

Kakashi:That man was in possesion of the Sharingan!

Everyone(except Zetsu):!!!!!

Yamato:If thats the case we should go after him immediatly

Naruto:No we have to go after Sasuke you heard that Venus fly trap man....Sasuke is dieing!

White Zetsu: Venus Fly Trap Man!!!!
Black Zetsu:I told you to ignore him
White Zetsu: Don't worry Shinobi of Konoha that man is heading to the same location as Sasuke and your more then welcome to follow him if you can....
Black Zetsu: Get past us that is.

Scene Shifts to Tsunade in the same place she was in when seeing the frog a few chapters ago. Ma toad jumps out of the pond this time

Tsunade: Elder Toad Sage?
Ma:Swimming this far at my age should be out of the question
Ma:For a last request that kid sure was demanding
Tsunade: Last request.....Where is Jiriaya!
Ma:When i left him he was still fighting the guy with the six path ways eye with Pa, but...
Ma:Just by looken at his face before i left....i could tell he wasn't commin back

Tsunade grabs Ma toad by the collar with tears in her eyes

Tsunade:Your lying....he just sent you here to tell me that so i wouldn’t smash his face in for spending extra time on the way back peeping at girls
Ma:Snap out of it the hokage can not be seen in such an emotional fit....if you don't believe me then pretend i didn't say anything
Ma:Right now we have to honor that kid's dying wish....and help to find out the secret of the Six path ways kid!
Tsunade:Six Path Ways, but that means!

Scene changes to Pain and Kannon they are inside the chamber that holds his bodies

Pain:Kannon report what have you discovered with your paper jutsu
Kannon:Madara is on his way to Uchiha Sasuke right now, but...
Kannon:Is it really okay to allow Madara to advance the Sharingan further?

Pain opens a whole in the wall at the back of the chamber and steps through it followed by Kannon....the last two pages are a double page spread of a chamber with a glass flask containing a shriveled body inside. The back wall has the 9 eyes of the hell god statue with the 8th eye clicking open(leaving only the 9th left). Wires and tubing are all over the room and on the left and right side of the wall there are 5 sets of six different bodies(30 bodies in all) plugged into the same storage capsuls as the previous six.

Pain: Do not fear the false King...for no matter how much power a mortal can achieve in this world he will never match up to the power of a....


Side Text: Pain's Secret Revealed?....The power that does not fear even Uchiha Madara
Next Time:The Mystery Deepens


The Konoha Team attempts to chase Tobi and Zetsu who disappears but are stopped by Kakashi
Naruto is about to snap asking why they were stopped. Hinata tries to
calm Naruto down. Naruto sees Kakashi's serious face and controls his
After a while Yamato suggests to continue search Sasuke. They decide to
split up into groups again and search. While searching, Sai asks
Kakashi why he didn't allow them to chase in persuit. Kakashi doesn't
Kiba senses Sasuke's scent. Everyone gathers to find traces of a battle
but find no figures likely to be Itachi or Sasuke. The scent has gone
so they decide they cannot chase any longer. Naruto grinds his teeth
and no one talks to him.

Sasuke wakes although he is dying. He looks around but can't figure out
where he is. Tobi and Zetsu return there. Sasuke asks who they are.
Tobi takes his mask off and says:
"Its not the first time...Isn't it?"
(Writers Note: I'll leave the face up to when the manga comes out)
Sasuke looks astonished:
"You, you are..."



by @Fate of Destiny NF
Sasuke is probably tired as he is unresponsive.


Tobi talks about Deidara, Itachi, and himself.

最後に なんと 仮面剥いじゃった剥い
At the end, he (Tobi) takes off his mask.

questioner: サスケは自分からトビについていったのか?
Q: Did Sasuke follow Tobi on his own?

Sasuke was asleep.

And Itachi was dead lol lol lol ( "w" in this case is the Japanese equivalent of "lol")

Tobi gets to Sasuke's place faster than Zetsu

And carries Itachi's corpse.

questioner: ちょっと流れが分からないんだが
Q: I kind of don't understand what's going on but Sasuke wakes up once and confronts Tobi, right?
And then he goes to sleep again?
Do they only carry Itachi's corpse?

Tobi and Zetsu
Take a sleeping Sasuke and dead Itachi
to a hideout kind of place.

Even when he (Tobi) talks about Deidara and Itachi, Sasuke is unresponsive, so that's why he took off his mask.

And the unresponsive Sasuke up to that point was surprised lol lol lol

It's hard to explain with words but...

Sasuke looks at Tobi without his mask

And Sasuke activates the Sharingan in his left eye only.
The right eye is a normal eye.



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2 Re: Naruto 396 Spoilers and Discussions on Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:11 am


Senior Noizy
Senior Noizy
hmm i guess kakashi will be fighting with tobi then something will be happpen or some flashback will be happen again.... damn.. i dont like to many flashback... hope that will not too much flashback again...

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3 Re: Naruto 396 Spoilers and Discussions on Tue Apr 01, 2008 7:24 am


Noizy Savior
Noizy Savior
My friend has kept said this so many times since some time a go

Tobi = Oibito
Well, I think in this chap, Naruto and co. will suspecting Tobi, especially Kakashi
I guess Tobi and two-guys-in-one-body gonna kidnap Sasuke, but still not be told in 396. Another climax and secret has been started...

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4 Re: Naruto 396 Spoilers and Discussions on Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:34 pm

Go Go Go Pain ! Kick madara's Ass Very Happy:D

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5 Re: Naruto 396 Spoilers and Discussions on Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:00 am


COolll... see the two spoilers... they are awesome....

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6 Re: Naruto 396 Spoilers and Discussions on Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:08 am

i prefer "the gathering darkness" one

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