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Naruto 393 Predictions, Spoilers, and Spoiler discussions [pics added]

What's going to happen next??

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Please post and discuss spoilers here

Susanoo was well performed, Oro was sealed in genjutsu world forever, Sasuke has reached his limit... Is Itachi gonna win this fight!?



Verification = pending
Source = Ikunlun
Credits = Njoy
Translation = ??

Itachi was a good person

He implants his own eyes into Sasuke

Zetsu reports to the Leader then leaves

鬼冷めと水月が互角です .
Kisame & Suigetsu are evenly matched

Then something about the Leader and Madara's relationship (end)



Verification : pending
Translated by : boyakist4649 at MH

"Haven't seen it, but it looks like Itachi dies"


Seems he wasn't a good persons
he attempts to take a trembling sasuke's eye, then it's like he just runs out of power and collapses.

目をとろうとしたら力つきてデコにトンして倒れ込んだ 目からずれただけ
As he goes to take the eye he runs out of power and collapses tapping sasuke's forehead, but only because he misses his eye.

死闘に突然の幕。 何故!? 次号 サスケの勝利!へ
the final curtain descends suddenly on the battle!? Why?! next time sasuke's victory!

spoiler pic


スノオ. 白蛇が一匹逃げていく。白蛇
ゼツ[何なんだあのイタチの術は?ツセイタチ咳き込む! ]
ゼツ[スサノオとか言う術相当リスクが大きいようだな。ツセスノオ . でもさサスケはシャリンガンすらなくなってるし、大蛇丸も引き剥がされちゃったしもうこれはイタチの勝 ちじゃないの? ャリンカン剥がさ
イタチ[これでお前の目は俺の物だ。. ゆっくりと頂くとしよう]

[ぐっ! ゲホッゴホッ! ホッゴホッ ]イタチ咳き込む大量に血をはく! ]
ゼツ[うわ!ツセ[ な何? ? 少し様子が変だな? ]スサノオが消えかける。 ]スノオ. それを見てサスケがキバク札付きのクナイをなげる! キハククナイ スサノオがガード!スノオ イタチ血を垂らしながら睨む。垂らし睨む. イタチがゆっくり近づく!
サスケ[くそ! ! ]巻物を出しまたキバク札付きのクナイをなげる(笑) またスサノオが盾でガード! ] キハクイクナスノオ

ツセスノオ弾き返しる. 間違いないあれも霊器の一つ、すべてをはね返すヤマタノカガミと呼ばれる物だ。 はね返すヤノカカ. それに攻撃にはあのトツカノツルギがある。ツカノツキ. これじゃ完全に無敵だ]
イタチ[俺の目だ俺の]にじりよる! サスケ腰の刀を振りかざす! が弾き返される! 弾き返さ

[ぐっ] オノス! イタチの手がサスケの目にのびる!! サスケ膝が震えてる(笑) イタチが何か言ってるが聞き取れない。 .
イタチの指が目にあたる直前にイタチ意識を失い手元がデコトン! テコン! サスケ固まったまま。. スサノオが消える!スノオ! イタチそのまま倒れる! ! ゼツも冷や汗。ツセ. また白蛇が出てくる。白蛇
死闘に突然の幕。 何故! ! ? ? 次号サスケの勝利! ! へ おわり

by vered on nf

The huge man(Itachi's jutsu) absorbed the Orochi, but one of them escaped.
Zetsu:"Itachi's jutsu, that is.....?"
Itachi could not stop cough, and he looks very weak.
Zetsu:"This jutsu has huge risk, but now Sasuke's eye had no power, and his Orochimarus' power
also ran out.....Isn't this Itachi's victory?"
Itachi:"Now, your eyes is mine.......I can take them."
Itachi coughed, and looks hematemesis.

Zetsu:"What's up? He looks strange?"
The huge man was dispearing.
Sasuke threw kunai but the huge man defensed them.
Itachi's eyes came out blood, and went to Sasuke.

He threw kunai again but also defensed by the Itachi.

Zetsu:"The jutsu can bounce all the attack to Itachi. He is so strong."

Itachi:"IS MY EYES ! MINE!"

Sasuke wanted to escape but stoped by the huge man.

Itachi's hand touch Sasuke's eyes......
Sasuke could not move.

Itachi said something but no one can hear him.

Itachi looks fainted and his hand touch Sasuke's forhead.
The huge man dispeared.
Itachi fell down.
Zetsu broke into a cold sweat.
Just then, a white snake escape, too.

The end of the battle, Next time, Sasuke's victory!

by Conan=Edogawa



Susanoo absorbs the giant snakes, but a white snake escapes.
Zetsu: What on earth is that jutsu of Itachi's?
Itachi keeps coughing.
Zetsu: This so-called Susanoo is accompanied by a fairly high risk... but since Sasuke's Sharingan has already been deactivated and Orochimaru's power has also been removed from him, isn't it Itachi's victory then?
Itachi: Your eyes are mine... I will take them now.

"cough, cough" Itachi coughes out a lot of blood.
Zetsu: Huh, what's going on? Something doesn't look right.
Susanoo is vanishing.
Grabbing this chance, Sasuke throws out a kunai.
Susanoo blocks it with his remaining physical form.
Itachi's eyes keep bleeding, but he continues to advance. Itachi's slowly approaching!
Sasuke: Shit!
He takes out a scroll and throws another kunai but it is blocked by Susanoo with his shield.

Zetsu: That so-called Susanoo, his shield can bounce back all the attacks. It's one of the three sacred treasures, the mirror Yamata no Kagami* that is claimed to be capable of bouncing back all the attacks. Together with Totsuka no Tsurugi that's used in offense, they're invincible.
Itachi: My eyes...mine...
Sasuke hurls out the sword fastened on his waist. Again, it's blocked by Susanoo.

*It should be Yata no Kagami, not sure if it's the spoiler guy's error though.

"Guu" Sasuke can't escape because Susanoo has transformed into a wall.
Itachi extends his hand towards Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke's knees tremble.
Itachi is mumbling something but it's inaudible.
Itachi extends his fingers towards Sasuke's eyes, but at this very moment he suddenly loses his consciousness. His fingers hit Sasuke's forehead.
Sasuke is petrified (figuratively ). Susanoo disappears. Itachi collapses. Zetsu sweats. (xD)Meanwhile, another white snake escapes.
An abrupt ending for the fight to the death. Why? Next chapter, Sasuke's victory.


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Senior Noizy
Senior Noizy
hey..hey.. i just want my naruto back.... just to bored to see sasuke and itachi at this time he's too much shown recently if this continue like this... why dont we change the title to sasuke... sight... Mad

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Super Novice
Super Novice
agreed..... Naruto is the main character....
Want my naruto back.... T_T

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hmm... actually, if this manga is all about Naruto, it will be boring too... so Kishi puts some spices to make this manga look splendid... but readers don't seem to get it that way.... I think this issue occurs soon after Kishi's interview; the one he said that Naruto has to wait. After reading this statement, more and more people became disappointed with Kishi and came up with reckless predictions....

I think this fight is gonna end soon, it's been 2 months after it began. One thing bothering me is, Kishi creates more than one fight at the same time, so we have to wait each fight to finish...

Anyway, there has been a spoiler pic out there but I'm sure it's fake. It has something like Digimon lol... so I'm not gonna post it here bounce

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Senior Noizy
Senior Noizy
hmmm... maybe kishi think that naruto is too weak to be shown up now... so he prefer to shown him later... after sasuke or itachi die... ups!! tongue tongue

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yeah yeah Itachi is finally dead........ YESSSSSS!!!!!1

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